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2009-11-02 18:22:19 by donationsprites

there's no way for me to make flash if ill never have any time to work on it..might as well wait....

ok im kaeing stuff now

2009-10-12 01:06:42 by donationsprites

up comming flash

Flash CS3

2009-09-28 17:56:22 by donationsprites

I finally got flash back not using flash 8 but CS3 and thing's are gonna changed up into my long not putting anything on my flash submission ways.
thing's are going to be different yes they are

nothing here..

2009-09-19 19:53:56 by donationsprites



2009-09-06 04:05:32 by donationsprites
Updated gr58

Monkey Cheese!

2009-08-22 04:00:05 by donationsprites

/* */

I wanted to take a break from all the over wellmming things I have to do i'm starting fresh.

I am back from my break im going back to animating

MY ANIMATION GOT AN ERROR...NOOOO owell...1 month isnt bad...



2009-04-29 21:11:14 by donationsprites

its comming....

Up comming flash animation

2009-03-23 01:15:29 by donationsprites

Get ready for my next flash animation I know not many people have seen me or even know my account is even here but if you come to my profile I wanna show you all a picture of my new flash animation here it is
(I was only searching the web until I see something on the quick video search EYELASHES I Lah Shiz) DnTg

Up comming flash animation